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How To: Swimwear Care Guide

Posted on 10 June 2021, Thursday

You’ve received your Leah Marié swimwear just in time for a long, hot summer.  Taking proper care of your brand new swimsuit will ensure not just one hot summer but a long lasting love affair with your new favorite Leah Marié summer- suit. We have put together a ‘how to’ guide for the best possible ways to care for your bikini’s.


Your beautiful swimwear is delicately made with love and, therefore, needs to be treated as such. Sea salt from the ocean, chlorine from the pool and oils from your suncreams can seriously impact the longevity of your swimsuit. Therefore, we highly recommend rinsing off your suit after use. Avoid strong cleaning detergents as well as cleaning methods (a.k.a the good old washing machine) and rather hand wash with a light soap. This will result in a longer, happier lifespan for your swimwear.  


No heat should ever touch your garment! We repeat: NO HEAT! This means, no washing machines, tumble dryers or even drying in the sun. Lycra, Venezia and other stretch fabrics are vulnerable to heat. Dry your bikini by laying it in the shade once it has been cleaned.


The elastic used in swimwear is bound to lose its durability over time. So to avoid stretching it further than need be, we highly recommend laying your swimwear flat to dry and NOT hanging it up. Hanging your bikini up will result in it stretching out over time and this will weaken it’s elasticity.


As much as we all might have that ONE favorite bikini that never leaves our side, alternating your swimsuits every now and then will help ‘share the load’ when it comes to the general wear and tear of your bikini. We suggest rotating different swimsuits by mixing and matching our Leah Marié swim styles.